Grand Annual Campaign

News November 4, 2021

Dear Friends,

Each year we like to send you an overview of the financials for our two parishes for the previous fiscal year. As we all know with the Covid pandemic affecting so much of our lives, we had to make some changes to deal with the safety and wellbeing of our parishioners. I hope you found our responses to be timely and not too burdensome.

We would not have been able to reach so many parishioners so quickly without the amazing work of our impromptu ‘Tech Team.’ Shawn Denocour, Brian Gill, Ken Bishara and Greg Pepin sprang into action in March 2020 to supply the technology to live stream videos and create our Facebook page which quickly grew to over 500 followers. I was able to send you messages, as well as live stream Mass, through their filming, which they are still providing as a service to this day. We are so very grateful.

As you will see in the reports our two parishes did very well as compared to many. By careful management of resources and by taking advantage of the programs available to us, the staff performed wonderfully in keeping costs under control despite the loss of income due to Covid. We saved roughly $2,000 by having services at St. Anthony’s during heating season of 2020. When social-distancing seemed like it was sticking around, we winterized the Faith Formation building. I wish to offer them all my sincerest thanks and appreciation. My thanks also to the Finance Council and the Pastoral Council for their wisdom and support.

I would like to say to you we are secure for the coming time but that is not the case. I am deeply thankful for your continued support and I know that entails no mean sacrifice on your part but the reality is the PPP loans that were available last year are not being repeated, so I must come to you once again with my request for a generous response to this year’s Grand Annual Collections in our parishes.

I would request a donation of $300 from each family if possible. If you cannot reach that pledge, give what you can. It is much appreciated. For those who can afford a more generous contribution, consider pinch-hitting for another family. We are truly grateful. I assure you your sacrifice will not be wasted. It will be used carefully and wisely for the continuation of our two parishes’ mission to live and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But our future is not just about money for there are many new and wonderful things on the horizon.  The Alpha Program for family based religious education is an exciting way of combining community and learning. Hopefully we will begin again in-person parish retreats. The first is scheduled for Advent. I pray this year our Christmas and Holy Week celebrations will be full of joy and the treasure of companionship as of old. I see our ministries returned so the people of God can exercise their rightful and beautiful service to church and community. I see us once again as we were, one in hope, love, charity and laughter.

Can you help us bring this vision about with your prayers, your talents, your time and your contributions? Let us be together again in God’s blessings.

In Christ,

Father D